The Facts About the Opalescence Whitening System

The Facts About the Opalescence Whitening System

Nov 28, 2019

Anyone would like to have a beautiful set of teeth for them to feel confident in flashing their pearly whites. What everyone should remember is, having a beautiful smile is more than just aesthetics, it can also make a good and lasting first impression. What’s more, it can improve a person’s confidence and psychological wellness. However, how about those people whose smiles have lost their luster?

At Carrollwood Dental Studio, why not consider our teeth whitening treatment using the Opalescence whitening system. Curious if this particular brand works to whiten the teeth effectively? If yes, then continue reading below.

But first things first, why choose Opalescence among all the other teeth whitening options available? Although it is enticing to try products that can be easily bought over the counter, know that they can bring more harm than good for the teeth. Store-bought products may claim to whiten the teeth, but this is usually possible after multiple uses. As a result, instead of being initially cheaper, patients who choose to use these whitening methods may have spent more.

So, why choose the Opalescence whitening approach? The main reason is, the processes involved are easy and convenient. For example, since most people are busy with their lives, they tend to have less extra time to spend for themselves. What makes Opalescence ideal is, there is no need to use any bleaching lights; meaning, the usual teeth whitening duration, and even the costs have been reduced. Since it is a hassle-free approach, the demand for Opalescence teeth whitening system has increased.

Compared to over the counter teeth whitening products which only has three to ten percent whitening agents, Opalescence can have as much as 38% hydrogen peroxide. That alone goes to prove the effectiveness of the whitening system.

If a patient is worried about the usual side effects of teeth whitening, know that the Opalescence whitening system is not just focused on providing amazing results. It also works to minimize sensitivity after the treatment and offers additional protection for the teeth against cavities.

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