Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Tampa, FL

Although most people don’t think about it, the mouth is a surprisingly complex structure that requires a careful balance to function properly. When something goes wrong, it often causes immense pain and discomfort. Sometimes, elements of the mouth need to be removed for optimal oral health and wellness, particularly the teeth.

At Carrollwood Dental Studio in Tampa, we utilize modern techniques and the latest technology to make dental extractions go as smoothly as possible for all patients.

What Is an Extraction?

A dental extraction is when a permanent tooth is removed by a professional dentist. Our dentist will utilize specialized tools and technology to numb the gums and then carefully loosen the dental roots from your jawbone before removal.

Extraction is done for a broad range of reasons and is done at Carrollwood Dental Studio as a last resort. Our knowledgeable staff will do everything possible to restore and recover a permanent tooth before considering extraction as an option. However, some situations warrant it, including when:

  • A tooth is decayed or infected beyond treatment
  • A tooth is broken and damaged beyond repair
  • The jaws are overcrowded
  • A tooth has become impacted and trapped beneath the gums

In these situations, extraction is necessary to preserve overall oral health and wellness.

Does Extraction Hurt?

During the procedure, our staff will use a local anesthetic to numb your gums. As a result, you will not feel pain during the extraction. Instead, there will just be some slight pressure as the dentist works in your mouth.

Who Can Receive an Extraction?

Dental extractions can be performed on patients of all ages. Among adults, the most common reasons for extractions are decay, infection, or physical damage caused by poor oral hygiene or an injury. Among children, teeth are often extracted to stop overcrowding and remove teeth that did not erupt properly. Our dentist will examine each patient’s mouth to determine whether or not a tooth can be saved without the extraction.

How to Receive Treatment

If you live in Tampa and are experiencing dental pain, contact us at Carrollwood Dental Studio today. We will schedule an appointment at your convenience for a full exam and a potential extraction to keep your smile healthy and strong.

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