Three Important Facts You Should Know About Laughing Gas

Three Important Facts You Should Know About Laughing Gas

Nov 28, 2019

If you’re about to get a dental procedure done, you may hear something about a sedation option called laughing gas (also known as nitrous oxide). It is a common anesthetic that happens to be colorless, nonflammable, and sweet-smelling. Laughing gas is a sedative that won’t put you to sleep but helps make your scheduled dental procedure more comfortable for you!

To prepare, it is best for you to know some facts about laughing gas. Here at Carrollwood Dental Studio, we compiled some interesting facts about laughing gas every patient should know.

Can be administered easily

If you don’t like the idea of being pricked by needles, then laughing gas is the sedation option for you! There are no shots involved in administering the sedative because it is delivered through a mask. All you have to do is breathe normally through the mask, and the sedative will take effect in a few minutes. Your dentist can easily adjust the level of sedation according to the dosage you need. After the procedure, your dentist will then remove the mask, and the sedative will wear off in a short while.

Safe to use when administered by a professional

The reason why laughing gas has been a popular anesthetic for a while now is because of its safety. When inhaling the said gas, it will have no effects on the internal organs such as the brain, lungs, kidney, heart, or liver. However, the gas comes with disorienting effects that are not worrisome and will subside quickly.

Will make you feel a slight tingling sensation

After it has been administered, it will take only 2-3 minutes for the laughing gas to take full effect. A slight tingling sensation, as well as general numbness, will be felt throughout your body. With laughing gas, you will be put in a dreamlike state while still being able to answer questions and communicate with your dentist if needed. After the procedure is done, the gas will exit your body as you breathe. There are no hangover effects with laughing gas. You can even drive yourself home!

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