Invisalign® in Tampa, FL

Adults of all ages with crooked teeth are going to dentists for help with straightening them. While some may need extractions due to overcrowded teeth, others opt for braces or clear aligners. Along with straightening teeth to improve how they look and function, aligners, like those from Invisalign®, offer other benefits too.

More Comfortable than Braces

Usually, the options for straightening crooked teeth are braces or aligners. It can take one to three years to straighten teeth with either option. However, unlike braces, you can take aligners out of your mouth for a few hours a day.

Also, they consist of flexible plastic, so they are more comfortable to wear than braces. Since they have wires and brackets on them, braces can potentially cause damage to your mouth.

Easier to Clean Teeth

If you’re wearing braces, food particles can get stuck in them when you eat, and it is difficult to brush your teeth while wearing them. With aligners, since you can remove them for a few hours a day, you can take them out while eating and while brushing and flossing. It’s easier to maintain your oral hygiene habits while wearing them.

Available at Most Dental Offices

Our dentists at Carrollwood Dental Studio in Tampa often recommend aligners to patients whose teeth have mild or moderate bite issues due to being crooked. Braces are best for more severe cases, and they can treat a wider variety of issues.


Perhaps the benefit that attracts most adults to Invisalign® is that they are invisible when being worn. Since they are clear plastic, most people will not be able to see them unless they are standing close to you. With braces, they can be seen at a distance, which can be distracting for many people.

No Adjustments Needed

To straighten teeth with braces, it is necessary to tighten them occasionally to shift the teeth into their correct locations. Tightening braces can be an uncomfortable, sometimes painful, process. Fortunately, this process is eliminated when you’re wearing clear aligners.

If you want your teeth straightened, you should consult with one of our dentists in Tampa to find out which treatment is your best option.

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