Smile Makeover: Get a Real Smile for Christmas

Smile Makeover: Get a Real Smile for Christmas

Dec 01, 2019

In this Christmas season, it wouldn’t hurt to have the brightest and best-looking smile in the room. As everyone is elated about their Christmas present, you can add to the excitement with a beautiful smile. Before you start to worry about how to get it done, you can talk to Dr. Allan Fallah, who offers the best smile transformations to his patients in his dental studio.

What Is A Smile Makeover?

It is a dental process that involves oral intervention to improve how a smile looks. For the most part, it involves changing the appearance of teeth. However, a part of it covers other parts of the mouth, including the lips, and the gums. This kind of dental works majors in cosmetic dentistry, even though it covers some aspects of restorative dentistry.

When you visit out Carrollwood Dental Studio, you will realize that the makeover process is about so much more than the state of teeth. The dental expert working on you will consider different aspects about you, including the structure of your face, your appearance, the color of your eyes and hair, the natural color of your teeth, to mention a few. All these considerations matter in the makeover process because they play an important role in the overall outcome of your results.

What Entails A Smile Transformation?

Knowing all that a dentist will examine before determining the best procedures for you, it is clear that the transformation accounts for many things. Every underlying oral problem you have needs to be addressed for the set goal to be achieved. At the start, you need to be specific about your interests and preferences for the before and after your treatments. Afterward, dental experts will determine the best procedures to help achieve your goals. Some of the issues corrected in the transformation of a smile include:

  • Tooth color – with discolored teeth, you do not have the perfect smile. Treatment will be chosen to improve the color of your teeth. This can be through teeth whitening processes, or even covering the discoloration with a veneer or dental crown. Other than that, the tooth color also affects the dental appliances used for your treatment. For example, instead of using silver fillings, or amalgams, the dentist will opt for composite filling porcelain. This will ensure a more natural-looking smile that accounts for your cosmetic needs.
  • Spaces between teeth – the gaps in between teeth are unsightly. They make teeth look scattered. For missing teeth, a dentist will recommend different oral solutions, ranging from dental bridges, implants, and dentures. This will depend on your preference as well as the overall health of your mouth. Other than that, gaps between teeth can result from the sizes of teeth vis-à-vis that of the jaw. Such spaces can be corrected with a less invasive solution like dental veneers or dental bonding processes.
  • Alignment problems – orthodontics is a big part of a smile transformation. When teeth do not grow the right way, the arcs of the mouth appear uneven and crooked. It also is an unsightly appearance for patients. Orthodontic treatment can be involved in transforming a smile, where a dentist will use braces, retainers, and mouthguards to realign malpositioned teeth. Other than that, a dentist may prescribe dental veneers to cover the dental flaws without necessarily fixing them permanently.
  • Misshappened teeth – teeth can grow unusually, taking strange sizes, shapes, and forms. Such can compromise the appearance of smiles. This can be corrected with dental crowns, orthodontics or dental veneers. Veneers are best when correcting the shape and sizes of the teeth without the invasive process.
  • Crowded mouth – even though orthodontics is mostly used to correct crowded mouths, for smile transformations, other methods are included. This mostly leans towards tooth extractions to create more room for the remaining teeth to align properly in the mouth.
  • Fuller cheeks and lips – some people may not have as many problems with their teeth as they do with the cheeks and lips. These parts of the mouths can be enhanced using fillers. Otherwise, orthodontics may play a big part, as well as oral maxillofacial surgery.
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