Five Health Benefits of Dental Bridges

Five Health Benefits of Dental Bridges

Mar 01, 2022

Missing teeth in your mouth can encourage you to consider replacement solutions for your teeth and the health benefits you accrue from having them. When looking for various solutions, you might also receive recommendations from the dentist near you to have dental bridges replace the missing teeth. If you haven’t heard about dental bridges, you will likely want to know more about them before contemplating having them as replacements for your missing teeth.

This blog provides you with the information you seek besides explaining the health benefits of having dental bridges to replace your missing teeth.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Missing teeth leave a blank space in your smile to leave squirming when you meet anyone because you must raise your palms every time you talk or try to greet them with a pleasing smile. Dental bridges are tooth replacement solutions that help you by placing a fake tooth in the blank space that dental crowns anchor on the natural teeth adjacent to the gap. Dental bridges don’t slip or move around like dentures and are fixed appliances in your mouth to resemble your natural teeth. The fake tooth and the dental crowns are fabricated from porcelain to ensure they resemble your natural teeth and remain in your mouth for over a decade if you follow appropriate oral hygiene practices.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

What happens when you lose one or more teeth in your mouth? Your smile is not the only casualty of missing teeth. The edentulous gap in your mouth encourages your remaining teeth to shift position towards it to leave you with misalignments. Your teeth in the opposite jaw also move upwards or downwards towards the gap.

Missing teeth take away your ability to chew foods or speak correctly, leaving you speaking with a lisp and malnourished. In addition, you become prone to tooth decay and gum disease because the vacant gap in your mouth becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive and spread infections.

When you choose to replace teeth with dental bridges, they help you overcome all the challenges mentioned besides providing the health benefits discussed below.

The Health Benefits of Dental Bridges

Bridges Restore Your Smile

If the missing teeth encourage you to raise your palms when smiling, getting dental bridges near you will put an end to the predicament because you no longer have the gap between your teeth. You can welcome anyone you want with a gracious smile, confidently showing off your dental bridge.

Better Nourishment

If tooth loss makes it challenging for you to chew foods to leave you malnourished dental bridges from the dentist in Tampa will improve your chewing ability to alleviate dental pain when eating permanently. You begin to enjoy better chewing abilities to nourish yourself appropriately with the foods you love because the missing teeth in your mouth are no longer causing any problems.

Better Speech

When you lose multiple teeth, you confront challenges pronouncing certain words or talking with a lisp. If you want to fix the problems, you must address the tooth loss responsible for affecting your speech. Dental bridges help overcome issues with speaking caused by tooth loss.

Better Appearance

Tooth loss doesn’t merely affect your eating, smiling, and chewing abilities. Over time your jawbone begins deteriorating because it doesn’t receive the stimulation needed to maintain your facial features. If you leave the problem with tooth loss, unaddressed jawbone deterioration causes your facial appearance to sag to make you appear older. However, you can stop the jawbone deterioration by getting dental bridges from the dentist 33618 to provide the stimulation needed by your jawbone to remain intact.

No More Misaligned Bites

If tooth loss causes your remaining teeth to shift from the original positions to create a misaligned bite, dental bridges can prevent the shifting to prevent misalignment in your mouth.

Tooth loss is not a minor occurrence and leaves you with disastrous consequences unless you address the problem as soon as possible. You can consider various options to replace teeth as the market has expanded significantly to give you suitable solutions. However, if you want a durable solution lasting for over a decade and resembling your natural teeth, we suggest discussing a replacement solution with Dr. Allan Fallah providing the beautiful and reliable dental bridges that restore your smile and the health benefits mentioned herein.

If you are confronting a problem of tooth loss, do not waste time until you see your appearance sagging. Instead, please visit Carrollwood Dental Studio to have dental bridges replace the missing teeth and benefit from them.

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