Why Braces Are the Best Option during the Covid-19 Lockdown?

Why Braces Are the Best Option during the Covid-19 Lockdown?

Nov 01, 2020

The Covid-19 lockdown has thrust upon people unprecedented hardships. The average layperson isn’t the only individual affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected professionals from all walks of life. Dentists and orthodontists are also involved because they are limited to providing treatments only in emergencies.

If you had crooked, misaligned, overcrowded, or teeth with gaps and malocclusion, you may have consulted a professional for orthodontic treatment close to the end of 2019 when the Covid pandemic initially made its presence felt. After evaluating your condition, the orthodontist may have chosen braces for you to correct the imperfections in your mouth. However, with the pandemic restricting dental professionals from providing treatments, you could have questions in your mind about how you can manage with the braces until dentists are allowed to work again unhindered. You may wonder whether you should have chosen to delay your treatment because addressing any issue the braces in the present situation makes you experience more problems than you already have. Let us look at how you can manage the case in hand and continue with your treatment with some help from your orthodontist.

Why Braces Are a Good Option in the Present Circumstances?

Traditional metal and wire braces are attached to your teeth by the orthodontist and can only be removed by the professional. They remain in place until the end of your treatment. You must visit your orthodontist for tightening the wires every month to ensure your teeth move in the desired positions. However, the coronavirus pandemic makes it challenging, if not impossible, to visit dentists to have any issues addressed.

Challenging as the situation may seem, braces are still the best option for correcting your dental issues. Yes, you undoubtedly have a problem on your hands because you cannot visit the orthodontist to have the wires tightened. It ensures delays in finishing the treatment, which may extend by a few months or a year until the orthodontist can see you. Meanwhile, your teeth continue to move in the direction desired to give you straighter teeth and a better smile.

What happens if you encounter problems or experience challenges maintaining your oral hygiene? Technology plays a useful role in keeping you connected with the dental professional to inquire about managing any issues you may experience. Your orthodontist will spare the time to discuss any problems with you as and when they arise using Teledentistry as a method to help you.

How Do You Manage With the Braces during The Pandemic?

Like it or not, the braces on your teeth will remain in position until you can arrange an appointment with the dentist in Carrollwood using any excuse possible. Carrollwood Dental Studio provides emergency dental treatments as mandated by the ADA and CDC. Unfortunately, orthodontic treatments are not considered life-threatening and therefore, cannot be classified as an emergency.

Dr. Allan Fallah, the dental professional who attached the braces to your teeth, would have provided adequate instructions on caring for them during your initial appointment. It would be incredibly helpful to recollect every piece of advice to take adequate care of your dental braces because it is the best way to manage in the present circumstances.

You must be careful not to have hard and sticky foods that can potentially get trapped between the brackets and wires. Using an interdental toothbrush and dental flossers to remove food particles from between your teeth also prove beneficial. However, suppose you experience any issue causing extreme discomfort. In that case, you can always contact the dental professional who will undoubtedly find a way either to see you or advice how you can manage the problem without professional help.

The Covid-19 lockdown, besides causing hardships to many, is also a tragic situation with hundreds of thousands of fatalities. Dentists and orthodontists must work close to patients who approach them for any treatments. The ADA and CDC have issued interim guidelines on how dental professionals can begin working even as the pandemic is ongoing. It is possible that your orthodontist has implemented the temporary policies and may soon be able to see you to provide any assistance you need. Presently it would help if you remain patient and believe that the braces on your teeth help you immensely to get beautiful and straighter teeth accompanied by a better smile because it is the only device capable of achieving its aim as desired.

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