When to Visit an Urgent Dental Clinic?

When to Visit an Urgent Dental Clinic?

Jul 01, 2022

When you experience a toothache, you feel it needs urgent treatment. However, is it a genuine dental emergency? When should you consider visiting an urgent care dental clinic instead of an emergency dentist?

When dealing with a toothache or other dental problems, your dental care provider should be your first point of contact. However, what if you confront the situation on the weekend, late in the evening, or on holiday? When dealing with any dental emergency and you can’t get to your regular dentist, you must contact the dentist near you for an urgent care without delaying your treatment.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

A genuine dental emergency differs from a dental issue that might require the services of an urgent care dental Center. However, whether you have a minor dental problem or a severe condition, you must visit the emergency dentist in Carrollwood to identify the root cause of the problem and receive appropriate treatment.

Dental emergencies are defined by the ADA as potentially life-threatening problems that need immediate treatment to prevent tissue bleeding and alleviate severe pain or infection. Therefore you have uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth, trauma to the facial bones compromising your airway, or soft tissue bacterial infections with swelling inside or outside your mouth; you must get to the dentist in Carrollwood at the earliest.

What Should I Do in the Meantime?

While waiting to get to the Carrollwood dentist, you must ensure you care for your mouth as best possible by rinsing it and using cold compresses on your cheeks if you have swelling. You can take over-the-counter painkillers to alleviate your discomfort until you reach the dentist’s practice.

Under no circumstances must you consider visiting emergency rooms for dental problems. Emergency rooms manage many medical complications and provide suitable treatments. Unfortunately, the professionals do not have a qualified dentist within their facility and cannot offer treatment for dental emergencies. Therefore if you have a severe dental emergency, you must look for the nearest emergency dentist instead of visiting facilities that direct you to dentist’s offices.

Can Cosmetic Issues wait?

You might think discomfort from cosmetic issues like broken dental veneers, crowns, and bridges can wait until you get to your regular dentist for treatment. Unfortunately, you must realize cosmetic treatments like dental crowns or veneers compromise your tooth structure by removing enamel past the dentin, making them susceptible to infections from your mouth bacteria. While you can wait for a day or two to fix the problem, you cannot overlook the issue and will do better by receiving urgent care from the dentist in Tampa.

Similarly, if you lose a tooth-colored filling from your front tooth, you mustn’t delay the treatment but have it fixed as soon as possible to ensure your smile remains intact while providing the protection your tooth needs to prevent further damage.

Dental emergencies are confusing and can make you wonder whether you must visit an urgent care dental clinic or an emergency dentist nearby. However, regardless of the situation, you must get the treatment you need as soon as possible without wasting time.

Urgent Dental Clinic in Tampa, FL

Urgent dental clinic in Tampa, FL, treats all dental issues like a knocked out tooth, dental abscess, dry sockets, and tooth fractures causing pain and soft tissue trauma. They also perform biopsies of abnormal tissues. Therefore if you confront any such problems, consider visiting Dr. Allan Fallah to receive prompt treatment for the condition you encounter.

Remember, if you have a knocked-out tooth, collect it and rinse it in water without scrubbing the roots. Affixing the tooth back into its socket requires you to get to this dental facility within 30 minutes if you wish to preserve your natural tooth. The dentist at the facility can splint the tooth to the neighboring teeth allowing the tooth roots to reattach in about two months.

If you have a dental abscess, it is a life-threatening condition requiring prompt treatment from the dental practice. You experience excruciating pain, swelling, fever, and sensitivity in your mouth with dental abscesses. You might receive painkillers and antibiotics from the dental practice to alleviate pain and control the infection. In addition, the dentist recommends you undergo root canal treatment to eradicate the dental pulp infection from within your tooth. So long as you accept the dentist’s proposal, you can preserve the natural tooth, which otherwise would need extraction.

When you confront any dental issue, whether minor or severe visiting Carrollwood Dental Studio is your best bet to ensure additional damage doesn’t occur in your mouth. Kindly schedule an appointment with this practice immediately whenever you are affected by any dental problem.

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