Save Your Oral Health by Investing in Professional Dental Cleaning This Easter

Save Your Oral Health by Investing in Professional Dental Cleaning This Easter

Apr 01, 2020

Are you fearful of dental cleanings like many other people because of the prodding, unfamiliar noises, and some jaw discomfort? Understanding your apprehension is easy but teeth cleaning procedures are simple and painless and if you want to invest in Easter you may as well do it in a professional dental cleaning procedure.

Understanding what happens during the process can ease the stress in you to allow you to enjoy the minty fresh results.

What Happens During the Dental Cleaning Process?

Dental hygienists perform most teeth cleanings and before beginning the process they will conduct a physical exam of your whole mouth. The hygienist will be using a tiny mirror to look around your teeth and gums for any signs of inflamed gums (gingivitis) or any other problems.

If any major problems are detected the hygienist will call the dentist to understand whether it is fine to proceed.

Removing Plaque and Tartar

Using the tiny mirror for guidance the dental hygienist will use a scaler to eliminate any plaque and tartar from around the gum line and between your teeth as well. Scraping sounds will be heard during normal removal. The quantity of tartar in your mouth will determine how much time the hygienist will need to scrap a specific spot.

Brushing and flossing would have prevented plaque from building up and hardening to tartar. After it has hardened it can only be removed at the dentists’ office. This may be the part you favor the least in the dental cleaning process but should be a lesson to brush and floss more often.

Cleaning with a Gritty Toothpaste

After your teeth have been cleaned and are entirely free from tartar the hygienist will brush them with a high-powered electric toothbrush which again makes a grinding noise. It may scare you but it is a good method of getting a deep cleaning to remove any tartar left behind by the scaler.

The toothpaste used will be like any other but you will be offered a choice of flavors. However, the toothpaste has a gritty consistency and gently scrubs your teeth. When it is done by a professional the polishing is considered safe to do a couple of times every year. However, it is suggested that you don’t be harsh with your teeth at home unless you want to wear down the enamel.

Expert Flossing

An expert flossing session is something that can beat regular flossing at-home if you are indulging in it. The dental hygienist will get deep between your teeth to identify any trouble spots where you may bleed at the gums. The exercise may seem pointless to you if you are flossing regularly at home but having the flossing performed by an expert can also remove any leftover plaque or toothpaste from the earlier cleaning.


Rinsing will again seem pointless because you may be doing it a few times every day. However, the dental hygienist will give you a rinse containing liquid fluoride.

Fluoride Treatment

The final step of dental cleaning is a fluoride treatment. The treatment is provided as a protectant for your teeth to battle against cavities for several months. You will be allowed to choose the flavor again by the hygienist before placing the foamy gel or a sticky paste into a mouthpiece that fits over your teeth. It will remain on your teeth for about a minute. Fluoride varnish may also be painted onto your teeth with a small brush which hardens immediately when it comes into contact with your saliva. Therefore you will be able to eat and drink immediately after.

Besides dental cleaning, the dentist will offer you good tips for oral health and recommend dental cleanings twice a year and x-rays once. However, depending on what is observed in your mouth the dentist or hygienist may conduct other examinations during the visit. Dentists may recommend sealants on the molars of children for preventing cavities in difficult to brush areas.

Regardless of whether additional steps are needed or not you must continue going back to Carrollwood Dental Studio for regular teeth cleanings if you wish to prevent problems altogether. By attempting to understand what happens during a dental cleaning you will feel at ease and perhaps even look forward to these appointments. Easter is still a month away and if you establish contact with the dental studio recommended for teeth cleaning you would have invested wisely in your oral health.

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