Give Your Child a Valentine’s Day Gift with a Dental Visit

Give Your Child a Valentine’s Day Gift with a Dental Visit

Feb 12, 2020

Is there any rule which states you should be the only one enjoying the occasion of Valentine’s Day? Wouldn’t it be great if you decided to give your child with a Valentine’s Day gift by taking him or her for a dental visit to give the child the benefit of enjoying a beautiful smile throughout their lives? The child would thank you for the gift and make you a proud parent on a day you felt was only reserved for adults with bouquets of red roses in their hands.

How Will a Dental Visit Benefit Your Child on Valentine’s Day?

Visiting a pediatric dentistry clinic for a routine checkup before Valentine’s Day will be a perfect gift for your child who at some time or the other would want to have a beautiful set of teeth in the mouth to be able to smile gracefully. You may be under the false impression that children do not need dental visits because their teeth will be falling off soon. Unfortunately, research conducted has proved that children are also prone to developing tooth decay and cavities needing fillings and even root canal therapy. These are not problems that develop after the child grows up but by the age of two at which time he or she will be in no position to visit the dentist by themselves. This Valentine’s Day we don’t recommend you give up all the plans in your mind but simply ask you to include another plan to visit pediatric dentistry for a routine checkup with your child.

How Can Pediatric Dentistry Help Your Child?

Your child may be having a full set of baby teeth and displaying no problems whatsoever to consider spending on visits to a pediatric dentist. However are you aware that most dental problems even among adults can only be diagnosed by a qualified dentist and not by the average individual? If not, we suggest you understand that a routine visit to the dentist will help the dentist to determine your child’s teeth and oral cavities are in good condition and just preventive care will be sufficient to keep them that way. If unfortunately, the dentist discovers any problems the need for treatment to be provided will become necessary and possibly cause long-term dental problems to your child’s mouth. You simply need to understand that if the child has teeth in the mouth dental care will be essential not just because of Valentine’s Day but during all times.

Investing in Preventive Dental Care for Your Child

Preventive dental care for children is just as essential as it is for adults. As a parent, you cannot live under the false impression that your child’s teeth are in immaculate condition because he or she is still young. Children have oral health issues similar to adults and are prone to cavities since they love enjoying candy, sugary delights, and juice. Therefore you must ask for the preventive dental care measures you can adopt for the child during your routine visit before Valentine’s Day.

The pediatric dentist you are visiting will certainly suggest measures of preventive dentistry and will even provide them if requested. Some of the measures suggested would be:

Dental sealants that are in the form of a transparent material that the pediatric dentist will spread on the teeth after cleaning and drying them. The sealants remain on the chewing surfaces of the teeth to prevent cavities from developing or spreading. They are generally applied to the back molars if the child has teeth ridges on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Sealants are a powerful barrier against cavities, especially during childhood.

Dentists will also suggest fluoride treatments to increase the strength of the teeth by bolstering the enamel to make it easier for the teeth to battle the bacteria and acids that cause tooth decay.

Dr. Allan Fallah from Carrollwood Dental Studio will recommend regular cleanings for your child at least two times every year. The cleanings will help the dentist to remove any plaque and tartar which may have formed even after brushing and flossing regularly. This is usually a problem with children that parents fail to recognize during the early years of the child’s life. The chances of plaque sticking between the youngster’s teeth are high and the only individual that can eliminate this problem and prevent the formation of cavities is a pediatric dentist who has specialized tools and the techniques needed to deal effectively with children.

Make an investment in your child’s dental health this Valentine’s Day by considering it as a gift for his or her smile throughout their lives.

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